Which Marketing Job Is Right For Me?

Adrian Cruce
5 min readJul 25, 2020

Marketing is used by every single business in the world right now. This means that the career potential you have when you study marketing is practically unlimited. You can choose various different career paths but obviously, some are better than others.

When thinking about what marketing job is right for the individual, so many things have to be considered. However, one great way to choose a career path is to think about growth potential and how much you earn. With this in mind, the following marketing careers are definitely great options and should be considered.

Market Research

Market research is the foundation of any marketing campaign. You simply cannot create something if you do not do research. You cannot know marketing trends if you do not analyze statistics. You get the idea.

The basic principle is that you cannot capture the market when you do not understand it. Research is all about understanding consumers, needs, purchasing habits, and other very important factors. Market research is done with the use of different tools, like focus groups, studies, and surveys.

Should You Consider Market Research?

In this career, you need to have quantitative and qualitative analytical abilities. Basically, the job is all about how you gather data and how you analyze it. You have to crunch numbers, learn things from people and accurately interpret results.

Brand Management

Branding is huge at the moment. Marketers from all around the world talk about how important it is, especially in the large consumer products industry. The brand manager is very similar to the small business owner because of the responsibility for the brand. He/she is focused on the larger picture, always thinking about the long-term effects of a decision.

One thing that few people know is that the brand manager guides the market research department. This is done by setting criteria and agendas while selecting stimuli like pictures, video clips, product samples, and product-benefit statements. After research is done, brand managers analyze the data they receive so that a good marketing strategy can be created.

The marketing strategy that is created can include many different things, ranging from launching a new ad to rebranding.

Should You Consider Brand Management?

The earning potential is really high with brand managers. You can consider this career path if you are naturally motivated and you can accept a broad set of responsibilities. You need to work with little supervision, sometimes travel, adapt well to change, and be a good communicator.


Advertisers are involved in all parts of marketing, from concept creation to strategy execution. This career path also includes jobs associated with advertising, like account planners, media buyers, and account management.

  • The account manager is the person that is the important liaison between the client and the marketing agency. He/she needs to manage ads execution and allocate budget/schedule.
  • The account planner is more connected to the consumer. He/she performs research and use it to understand marketplace behavior and motivation.
  • The media buyer needs to locate media so that ads can be placed. Demographic studies are oftentimes used to choose the best ad space location.

Should You Consider Advertising?

Advertising careers can include numerous incentives, like compensation based on your performance, travel, and freedom to showcase your creativity. Jobs are available in media organizations, advertising agencies, NGOs, business firms with advertising departments, marketing research firms, and more.

The great thing about advertising as a career path is that many skill sets are suitable, based on the actual choices you make. The main advertising career paths are creative, research, media, and account management.


The truth is this is a career path few people know these days. We often see dedicated promotions teams employed in a marketing firm. This is a team that works on the creation of programs that unite advertising campaigns that involve purchase incentives, like samples, rebates, gifts, coupons, special discounts, and sweepstakes. A promotion team oftentimes uses advertisements, in-store ads, telemarketing, product endorsements, and direct male to promote promotions.

Should You Consider Promotions?

You should consider this career path if you posses high levels of judgment and creativity.

Public Relations

Public relations departments are either loved or hated, based on who you talk to. The PR department is very important in a business because it manages communication with consumers, investors, employees, the general public, and the media. Basically, the PR is the spokesperson of a company.

Most people know that PR departments write press releases. What they might not know is that the PR specialists also communicate with everyone else in regards to practically anything. They uphold the image of the business when a crisis appears, create positive buzz, publicize services/products, and practically work hard to increase the image of the business.

Should You Consider Public Relations?

The most important thing you need to be successful in PR is a very strong set of communication skills. You have to articulate everything properly in spoken and written word. Also, you have to properly understand different people and be really confident. PR specialists have to learn many things fast and have to effectively communicate all messages. Besides all this, they have to be persuasive and really quick thinkers.

Should You Choose Marketing As A Career?

As a conclusion, before you choose a marketing career path, you need to seriously think about whether or not marketing is a good choice for you. I have been involved in this industry for over 10 years now and I can tell you that it is not as pretty as many say. What happens behind closed doors is oftentimes very ugly and nasty. Stress levels are high and I literally have to take medication now, in part because of all the stress associated with the industry. Marketing is vital for literally all industries. You will find a job. However, in order to climb the ladder, you will work A LOT. You cannot be good if you are afraid to work and you do not want to keep learning. The industry keeps evolving and you CANNOT lag. Do not work in marketing if you are afraid of work.

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