The Most Offensive Video Games Ever

Adrian Cruce
5 min readOct 10, 2020

Games that should have never been launched!

There is no shortage of offensive video games. Some developers launch them by mistake while others know exactly what they are doing. Regardless of the reason why a very offensive game appeared, it is a certainty that some degree of success will appear.

It is such a shame to see that some of the incredibly offensive video games reached a cult following level.

I do not intend to talk about games that were seen as offensive by communities because of the wrong reasons. For instance, Mortal Kombat was actually a revolutionary game. The fatalities that were so criticized by boomers were so exaggerated that it was obvious even for really young people that they were fake. Obviously, you do not want your 6-year-old to play the game but this is where the parent steps in. I will also not mention games likeDoomor Grand Theft Auto since they are definitely not that offensive for a mature gamer.

What I will talk about are those games that should have never been launched in the first place. Games that are very offensive.


Postal did all that it could to make people disgusted. This game has no gameplay-worthy mention and basically, offensiveness was traded for quality gameplay.Postal 2 is considered to be the worst of the series when it comes to offensive content.

The fact that you can take a leak on someone is not even the worst thing. I have to say that the big problem with Postal is that it had countless jokes that were racist and worse. This was a game launched in 2003. At that point in time, such jokes were acceptable but thankfully, we grew as humans and we can understand how damaging such jokes are. Taking out your penis and peeing on people should not be present in a game.

Ethnic Cleansing

FML there are so many white supremacist games and mods out there. Ethnic Cleansing is one of the early ones. It is actually very popular among people with a low intelligence or low education, mostly white entitled men, of course.

So, what do you do in this game? You play a Klansman or a neo-Nazi and you murder ethnic minorities. Every single stereotype you can imagine is most likely included. The game is deliberately offensive. At the same time, it is disgusting and boring AF.

Super Columbine Massacre RPG

Who is the moron that thought it is a good idea to create a game that recreates a mass shooting? I really want to meet that person so I could spit in his/her face.

You take a tragedy and you create a game so that others can make fun of what happened? In this game, you play as teenagers that went on to murder people in a school.

12 students and one teacher died in the 1999 Columbine High School massacre.

Dishonorable mention: V-Tech Rampage, another stupid game that was done after a similar event. Worse even since the moronic creator did another one after following another massacre. Someone turn off his computer FOREVER.

Custer’s Revenge

If you think taking advantage of high school shootings is bad, how about taking advantage of Native American women that were raped by soldiers?

Custer’s Revengeis a game for Atari 2600 and it is pornographic actually. You play as George Armstrong Custer, an actual historical figure, and your task is to rate a woman, a Native American woman who is tied to a cactus.

Needless to say, this game did offend practically everyone. It would be impossible to launch one now since nobody would sell it and FOR GOOD REASON.

JFK Reloaded

What is this stupid obsession with tragedies being reproduced into video games? This is labeled as a “historical simulation”. You are Lee Harvey Oswald and you need to assassinate JFK. The big joke is that this game is meant to be educational. How does that make any sense?

Border Patrol

This is the game Donald Trump most likely plays every single day. It makes sense since you play an American border guard that protects the country from immigrants. You do this by practically shooting EVERY SINGLE Mexican that wants to enter the country. It does not matter who. Mexican = drug dealer, pregnant woman, or nationalist, right? This is how the game portrays Mexicans, making it 100% racist.

Dishonorable Mention: New York Defender, a game in which you protect the World Trade Center from airplanes that try to hit it……..


Many say that this is the most offensive video game ever and although I am sure it is not the only one like this, I have to agree. Rapelay was released in 2006 in Japan. Just as the name implies, you are a man that wants to rape. Actually, you have to rape a mother, and her 2 daughters. It is easy to understand why this game was banned in countless countries. Why was this game even created?

There you go, these offensive games should have never been created. Unfortunately, such games keep getting launched over and over again. Thankfully, Steam and other marketplaces have strict rules to ban them.

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