The KFC Gaming Console is REAL — But It Is Not What You Think

Adrian Cruce
3 min readNov 12, 2021

Most people know KFC. This KFC:

And most people know about gaming consoles. Like this:

(I am a PlayStation fan, sorry Nintendo and Xbox)

But did you ever hear about the KFC Gaming Console? This one?

I first heard about the KFC Gaming Console a long time ago. Just like most people, I was entertained and I thought it was all a joke. Maybe some sort of PR stunt. Well, it turns out the joke’s on me. (Random League of Legends Shaco reference).

It’s real!

The KFC Gaming Console is actually real. And it will be created for KFC by Cooler Master ( official webpage HERE). But, things are not as simple as we might think and hope.

This will NOT be a competitor to Xbox, PlayStation, or any other mainstream console.

Here’s what we know about the KFC Gaming Console right now:

Not Actually A Gaming Console

We can only say this is a real console if we were to use quotation marks. Like this: “console”. Because, the KFC Gaming Console is not really a console. It is just a custom gaming PC.

However, it is quite strong. Some of the specs that instantly stand out are:

  • Intel Core CPU — i9–9980HK
  • A strong Asus RTX graphic card (no real mention about which one)
  • VR Ready
  • 240 FPS promised for all games
  • Ray Tracing ready
  • 4k-TV Gaming
  • 1 TB SSD

On paper, these are incredible. We are talking about something stronger than the Xbox Series X and the PS5.

It Will Keep Your KFC Chicken Toasty Hot

For me, this is the one thing that stands out and why I would really love one of these “consoles”. The KFC Gaming Console has a special chamber inside its chassis that allows you to keep your fried chicken warm. Basically, this means you can play your favorite games while your chicken stays warm for your gaming breaks (hope you have some).

Well, we are talking about using the heat of the computer to keep your fast food warm. This is pretty cool. But, make sure you eat your veggies too, not just those greasy pieces of fried chicken.

It Will Be Expensive

If you cannot afford a PS5 and you hope you will be able to afford a KFC Gaming Console, think again! We are talking about facts here and this is a custom gaming PC, which is naturally quite a lot more expensive than regular consoles. The price tag will naturally be a lot over $1,000, most likely somewhere around $2,000. As a result, only some people will actually buy it. Maybe collectors, or those who want something novel.

For sure, the KFC Gaming Console will not be a mass-produced item. There will be limited units available.

Final Thoughts

Let’s get even more real. Obviously, the KFC Console might not be real. Or it might be and will be launched more as a PR stunt than anything else. Whatever the case, if it is real, many gamers would love one. At least for the fun of it.

Just please eat less KFC. Not that great for long sessions of gaming. Even pizza is better. (just my 2 cents).

Originally published at on November 12, 2021.