Simple Social Media Optimisation Tips You Can Use Right Now

Adrian Cruce
4 min readAug 18, 2020

Companies these days need to have social media accounts and they have to use their profiles in a proper way in order to be successful. Social media optimisation (commonly referred to as SMO) helps you to improve the social campaigns you run with the purpose of driving increased conversions and leads.

Understanding Social Media Optimisation

When you want to grow a business online or increase online awareness for a project, social media stands out as a great opportunity. Optimising social media means you create, build, and you maximize a social media plan. Basically, everything is optimizing the campaign that you run.

According to a top SMO company in Australia, SMO is very useful for practically all businesses because it allows growth and strengthens the brand. Visibility is gained and more leads are generated for the company. At the same time, SMO helps the business to connect with an audience.

In order to be very successful with SMO, look at the following very effective tips.

1. Optimise Your Social Media Strategy

When you want the SMO efforts to be successful, you have to keep optimising the strategy that you use. This is a continuous process. Social media always changes and evolves. Due to this, your strategy needs to evolve and change.

The first step you have to take is to create objectives and goals. This helps you to be aware of exactly what you want to do with the campaign that you launch. Some companies want increased brand exposure. Others want to increase leads and conversions. Regardless of what you want to accomplish, you have to first be aware of it.

The strategy should always focus on achieving results that are measurable and growing presence. Measure and monitor everything to adapt. This includes what social media platforms to use and what content to utilize, among many other things.

2. Use Keyword Research Tools

Just as with SEO, the keywords you use play a very important role in any social media strategy. This is because you have to be aware of the hashtags, keywords, and topics that the target audience uses in order to find industry information. When you understand the way in which the audience searches when using social media, the strategy can be optimized so you drive more people to your pages.

When it is time to choose campaign keywords, be sure to use keyword tools that are designed for social media use. This is because, on social media, people use different keywords than when performing online searches on Google or Bing.

3. Optimise The Social Media Profile

Creating a profile on a social media network is very easy. However, this does not mean that you can just create a page and expect success. You need to put in some effort. Social profile optimization helps you to drive increased value to the page through high-value users.

The three main areas that have to be optimised are:

  • Profile Photograph — You can include company logo if you want to but the most important thing is that the profile photograph is proper according to brand rules set.
  • Username — This has to be as consistent as possible on all the social media profiles used so that people can easily find your business on the internet.
  • Bio — This is practically the most important part of profile optimisation and should include the appropriate keywords.

4. Content Optimisation

You want to use social media to share the content you create and it is impossible to be successful with SMM (social media marketing) if you do not share content that can connect with the target audience. You simply have to optimise everything you share.

2 types of content are posted on social media:

  • Original Content — This is the content you create.
  • Curated Content — This is the content that someone else created and you share on your pages.

SMO has to include both content types. You start by doing the simple things, like testing headlines. These are particularly important as they are the first thing people see. Then, you move on to other optimisation tasks that help you get better results.

5. Take Advantage Of Hashtags

Hashtags are very important for social media. They are used in order to locate trending and exciting topics. SMO always aims to find and use the very best hashtags that can be integrated into a campaign.

Basically, you want to use hashtags so that the post has a higher reach. People will find your content faster and easier. You can earn brand new leads and naturally expand your reach in just seconds.

The big thing with hashtags and social media optimisation is that you should never use hashtags that are not suitable for the content you share. You need to strategize hashtag use and always aim for relevant choices.

Final Thoughts

SMO is a need for businesses. You simply cannot launch social media campaigns without a strategy and you always have to optimise everything as much as you can. Test strategies and apply what works best in your case.

Article Written By: Adrian Cruce, marketing and SEO specialist. Follow him on Twitter for more SEO, business, and marketing content.

Originally published at on August 18, 2020.