Here’s Why Most SEO Companies Fail

Adrian Cruce
2 min readJun 18, 2020

If you take a look at statistics about new SEO companies, you quickly figure out the fact that there are many that come and go. Unfortunately, most lack the management needed to turn SEO work into a true business. They are started by people that know SEO but do not understand that running an SEO agency is much more different than simply doing SEO work.

I could mention so many reasons why SEO companies fail. However, some are more common than others. This is why I will only focus on 3 reasons that I see as being the most important.

Optimizing Websites Instead Of Web Pages

One thing that you have to understand in this industry is that Google ranks web pages, not sites. SEO companies blindly focus on ranking the website when they should first think about ranking landing pages and the most important web pages on a website.

When you first focus on building links and doing all the necessary ranking work on pages instead of on entire pages, results are much faster. For instance, when doing work for a website owned by an SEO company in Canberra, it became quickly visible that pages were being ranked faster than the entire site. This is completely normal. What most SEO companies fail to do is to identify the faster-running pages and discussing this with clients so that better results are offered in the long run. It is just so much simpler to rank individual landing pages first and then the homepage.

Only Focusing On Linkbuilding

Don’t get me wrong. Building links is very important but where I see many SEO companies fail is remaining way too focused on this and missing out on the fact that earned links are a lot more valuable.

The best SEO companies out there actually earn links because they create very good content for their clients so that others link in an organic way. Modern SEO revolves a lot about content marketing and content creation. The good SEO companies realize this while those that end up failing remain blindly focused just on links.

Overestimating Technical SEO

No matter what many say, SEO is only in part technical. Most of modern SEO is the content strategy that you use.

The technical part of SEO is actually very easy to do. Everyone can do it. Where the best SEO company stands out is where the content strategy is created and used. You do technical SEO to optimize the site and even get some backlinks but the new modern SEO is content strategy, with a search engine optimization approach, of course.