Great Bedroom Ideas

Adrian Cruce
3 min readMay 11, 2017

If you need some interesting ideas on how to decorate your bedroom so it will look like it was inspired by some of the world`s most luxurious hotels than you will certainly find them here. I am going to give you some ideas on making your bedroom look sophisticated.

Texas comfort

A hotel in New York City offers a Texas couple the comfort of their home. The room includes a fascinating bedroom with a canopy in a Rose Tarlow Melrose fabric. The bedside table is by John Rosselli Antiques and the bedding is by Leontine Linens.

Alabama house

This type of bedroom has vintage chairs, a duvet in Rogers & Goffigon paisley, a table lamp by Mr. Brown and a console by Jan Jander. Not as flashy as a glass framed bedroom but a great house all together.

Palm Beach

Another idea of inspiration are the bedrooms found in Palm Beach. Those bedrooms feature curtains and a matching canopy with a Fortuny fabric, a 18-th century French bench and also a Lulu DK fabric. The carpet is also a great addition, and this one can be bought from Stark.

Andalusian-style Montecito

To make your room in this style you will have to buy a bed from Fromations and you can also add some chairs from the 18th century.

Birmingham bedroom

The bedcover used in this room is a Schumacher fabric and the Regency bench is a Cowtan & Tout fabric. The canopy and bed skirt are in a Rose Tarlow House fabric.

Dallas bedroom

This bedroom has a canopy of Indian saris which frames the bed. The headboard is a Schumacher fabric. You can also add in this room a 19th century French chandelier and some tables. You can get these tables from JF Chen.

San Francisco bedroom

This bedroom usually features a custom headboard in a de Le Cuona linen. You can add some bed linens from Maatouk, a 19th century chair that has a Jacques Bouvet et Cie fabric and also a custom sofa in a Designers Guild fabric. The texture and the fabric will animate the monochromatic scheme. You can also choose to buy a vintage mirror that will work pretty well with the overall design of the bedroom.

The “garden” bedroom

In order to make this type of bedroom you can choose to get bedding from Julia B. and stools by Formations.

Los Angeles vibe

This bedroom features a custom bed with a headboard, a custom chair and ottoman. You can also choose a vintage French floor lamp and curtains in a Nobilis fabric.

The California bedroom

This bedroom inspires from both the mountains and the see. In order to make this bedroom you can choose a custom canopy in C&C Milano fabrics. You can also add a custom headboard that has a Vaughan fabric. This bedroom has a vintage Syrian dresser and also some curtains.

Utah mountain

The bedroom is characterized by brightness and has a pendant by Paul Ferrente. You can also choose a carpet by Anthony Monaco Carpet & Textile Design in order to make this bedroom much more appealing.