Free Software You Should Seriously Consider Using On Your Windows Computer

People clearly want to pay less for software. This can clearly be seen when we look at programs like those offered by Adobe. A few years ago, you would pay hundreds of dollars for Photoshop licenses. Right now, you gain access to the software and several different extras for just a monthly subscription, one that makes things much more affordable for interested users.

Because programs were just too expensive, talented developers launched numerous freemium and completely free alternatives. Obviously, most of them are not as great as the paid options. But some do instantly stand out.

Let’s not waste more time and quickly go through freeware and open-source software you should seriously consider if you use a Windows computer. I will leave out some that are quite obvious, like Google Chrome.

Apache OpenOffice

OpenOffice is a top option to replace Microsoft’s industry dominating Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In fact, it will replace the entire Microsoft Office suit with zero investment. In fact, many users actually love the PowerPoint and Excel alternatives offered by Apache OpenOffice. Out of all the different Office alternatives out there, this is the one that stands out as the very best.


Out of all the different antivirus options available on the market, this is the one that will most likely come as a surprise. There is no shortage of open-source antivirus programs out there but ClamWin is quite slick and should be recommended. It is very easy to manage and completely unobtrusive. Why pay for options like McAfee and Norton when you can get something that is better for the regular user?

I just need to highlight that when your Windows computer needs to be as safe as possible, you should not opt for a free program. This is especially the case when you browse questionable websites.


BitTorrent is by far the best choice when it comes to downloading torrents. It gives you access to the most efficient and fastest way to discover, consume, and distribute large high-quality files from the internet.

BitTorrent lets you quickly download larger files while you can still use your available bandwidth in order to help other people to download as you are downloading.


GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is widely recognized as the best alternative for Adobe Photoshop. It does great at imitating the wonderful features of Photoshop and one of the best things about GIMP is that when you are used to Photoshop, you can easily adapt fast. GIMP is richly featured and will always run very well. In fact, in most cases, people that do not use the advanced features of Photoshop should seriously consider the freeware alternative.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player completely replaces all the larger video players, like RealPlayer, Quicktime, and Windows Media Player. And it does a great job as it keeps gaining popularity. For me, personally, from the first time I downloaded and used VLC, I never used another program. VLC runs great and can easily play almost all video and audio files you want it to.


Do you want to record a podcast or make some audio modifications? Audacity is exactly what you want to consider if you do not want to pay for the expensive options, like Audition. Audacity is wonderful when you need to record your voice, regardless of the reason why.


There is no shortage of open source RSS readers out there but RSSOwl instantly stands out. You can use it to keep track of content coming from different blogs, making the program perfect for people that read plenty of blogs. You can easily keep tabs on every single blog and is often preferred to websites when you are a laptop user. However, if you are a PC user, you do want to also consider feed managers that are 100% web-based.


Do you want to replace iTunes? MusikCube might be what you need. This music player and organizer helps you to easily organize all your MP3 files and one of the best things about it is how easy it is to use the software. Smart playlists can be created and most users simply love the interface.


KeePass is a wonderful open source program that helps you to securely manage and store all those passwords you use every single day. There are surely hundreds of passwords and usernames you set up and preferably, they are all different to some degree to increase computer security. With KeePass, you can have different passwords and keep them safe. You simply cannot neglect the value of this freeware program.

NASA WorldWind

NASA WorldWind can replace Google Earth. I do not know why you would replace Google Earth but countless users swear that WorldWind is simply better. This free program initially created by NASA allows the users to browse the entire globe. It was created to help build maps but it is also great when it comes to seeing 3D landscapes of virtually any location in the world.



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