8 Signs You Really Need To Hire A Marketing Agency

Adrian Cruce
5 min readJul 26, 2020


The truth is that when it comes to marketing, you can only get so far by doing everything alone. This is true for every single aspect of life, to be honest.

You can renovate parts of your home but can you renovate your whole home? You can deal with some car problems alone but can you fix electrical problems? The same goes for marketing for your business. Eventually, you will need to hire a marketing agency. But when does that time come?

Choosing to hire a marketing agency is a very important decision. It shows that you want to get your business to the next level and should never be hurried.

Usually, business owners decide to hire marketing agencies when the campaigns they run are not getting the desired or wanted results. Besides this though, some clear signs that you need to hire a marketing agency include:

Your Campaigns Do Not Work Anymore

When you start the business, you have ideas and you do everything alone, sometimes with a highly limited staff. This tends to work but eventually, things change. Traffic goes down, leads slow down and basically nothing seems to work anymore.

All this is completely normal and it just signals the fact that you need some new ideas. You need a new strategy that can produce results. In this case, the marketing agency can at least help you to jump-start your future campaigns.

You Do Not Know What Works Anymore

When you start doing marketing work for your business, you are aware of something that works and you use that. This is because you most likely did research and you are up-to-date with the best practices in your industry. As time passes though, this changes and what used to work is no longer efficient.

In any industry, there are some marketing trends that you have to be aware of. As an example, in graphic design, these are the marketing trends that work now. In a few months, these might not be relevant anymore. If you do not know the trends and you do not have time to check them out, it is time to hire outside help.

As an extra related tip, whenever you feel you lack the skills, experience, or knowledge to develop a really good digital marketing strategy, you need to be honest with yourself and hire specialists.

You Do Not Have Enough Time

As the business grows, you have to take care of many other things than what was done in the past. It is possible that you simply do not have time to properly handle marketing work.

In time, the amount of marketing work you have to do grows. For instance, let’s say you manage your Facebook business page. If you have many fans, questions start to appear. It is very important that you respond to questions and complaints so you might not have enough time to do marketing work.

Remember that digital marketing can involve SEO, updating your website, email marketing, analyzing reports, content marketing, and a whole lot more. Digital marketing is truly time-consuming. Hiring an agency frees up your time so you can focus on core operations.

Not Enough Content Is Produced

Creating very good content takes time. If you find yourself writing a blog article for the company site once every 2–3 weeks, it is definitely not enough. You need constant fresh content on your site or ranking becomes difficult. This also influences engagement. Followers leave if they see that you rarely produce content.

At the very least, content has to be generated for your site every single day. For a business, you also need daily content produced on social media. When this is not possible at the in-house level, look for a marketing agency to help.

Your ROI Is Lackluster

Check out the statistics published by marketers that do work in your industry. When you see that the ROI they have is much higher than yours, it means you most likely do something wrong.

A clear sign that you need the help of a marketing agency is that your marketing campaigns lose money. When you invest X dollars and you lose money, the campaign is not good.

Brand Problems Appeared

Digital marketing campaigns have to convey messages that are perfectly in line with the brand. If the target audience starts to have trouble with identifying the brand or people do not understand what the brand stands for, it means you have some brand issues you have to fix as soon as possible.

A digital marketing agency fully understands the importance of branding. They identify problems and know what has to be done to strengthen the brand on the internet.

The Competition Is Doing Better Than You

Simply put, when your blog and website pages rank lower than your competition, they are doing better than you. This is especially the case when the other businesses are also doing better than you on social media.

When you have similar products to your competition and they just do better, it is time to bring in professional help. Do not underestimate your competition. Just because you do better than them now does not mean this will always be the case. When the competition passed you in rankings and results, hire an agency to improve your marketing campaigns as soon as possible.

Results Are Not Measured

Last but not least, when you do not know if the marketing strategy you use works or not because you do not measure results, it is time to contact a marketing agency. This is because you have no idea if you lose money or you make a profit based on the marketing material you created.

Remember that digital marketing agencies use highly complex analytics platforms and systems. They can track all things that matter, which is rarely the case with in-house departments.

Final Thoughts

Once again, there comes a time when you need to hire a marketing agency to represent your business and do the work right. The situations mentioned above are just some of those that can be mentioned.

To be honest, whenever your budget allows it, you should look for a marketing agency to help you out. The only situation in which this is not the case is that in which you are a marketing professional but even then you will eventually need to hire an agency.